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How a car accident may affect your automobile insurance

After being in a car accident in Connecticut, drivers may worry about what will happen to their car insurance. A crash has the potential to impact insurance in a variety of ways and drivers will want to understand them so they will not be surprised by any changes in their premium.

Whether or not a driver’s insurance premium rises depends on the type of accident. According to The, rates are not always raised if a driver has a good record. Additionally, an insurance company sometimes keeps premiums the same if the driver has a long-term relationship with the insurer and the accident did not cause much damage. However, premiums may rise when a driver is considered at-fault. This usually means that the driver’s carelessness led to the accident. When this is the case, medical bills and vehicle repairs are covered by the driver’s insurance company.

A driver’s record may be affected, as well. As long as an accident is a part of a driving record, insurance companies usually take it into account when determining rates. Driving records also consider a driver’s history; with few accidents, drivers whose insurance premiums were raised can typically expect that their rates will be lowered as they get further from the time of the accident.

The severity of an accident determines how long a crash stays on a driver’s record. says that minor accidents may not stay on record very long, and the length of time depends on the state. However, insurers also look at whether people were given a ticket for the accident, if they were at fault, and the violation severity. Drivers usually do not need to worry about their rates once the accident is no longer on their record.

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