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Will zero traffic deaths ever be a possibility?

Despite the fact that motor vehicles are getting smarter, or possibly in part because of it, more than 35,000 Americans lost their lives in traffic accidents in 2015. Looking at the numbers from the first half of 2016, the fatality rate is on track to be just as bad or worse by the time the final tallies are counted. The fatality rate in 2015 was up more than 7% from the year before -- the highest increase since 1966. The first half of 2016 shows an increase of over 10%. This has led government officials to declare that these tragedies have to stop, and the Obama administration has declared a goal of eliminating all traffic fatalities in the next 30 years. 

With the problem of traffic deaths getting worse, not better, this seems like a lofty goal but the idea is not new. The idea originated in the 1990 in Sweden and was named "Vision Zero." Several U.S. cities have also adopted the idea, including New York, who has indeed seen a reduction in fatal car accidents, although pedestrian accidents remain a serious problem.

A Goal Worth Striving For

Going from several thousand accidents each year to none is a tall order. There are several reasons why many believe the goal is obtainable. When accidents are assessed, it is believed that 94% are caused by driver error. New technologies in cars that provide assistance with tasks such as parking, to fully self-driving cars are expected to reduce these errors substantially. When fatal accidents are happening, the contributing factors are being analyzed, and in addition to creating cars that can compensate, there are also government programs that are designed to make the roads safer, such as providing protected bike lanes.

Not There Yet

In order for zero traffic deaths to become a reality, a lot needs to be done, and clearly we are not there yet. If you've been injured or have lost a loved one in a recent traffic accident, it is important to figure out how and why the accident occurred in order to hopefully prevent others from getting involved in a similar accident. A good car accident lawyer can work with authorities and get important answers that can help those affected by these accidents recover as much as possible by providing settlements that will give their clients the financial base for moving forward.

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