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How do I handle a motorcycle accident?

When you are riding your motorcycle and you are involved in a crash with a car in Connecticut, the chances are high that you will be the one left injured. To prevent any unnecessary legal complications, Ride Apart magazine suggests that you take some precautionary steps after the crash.

One thing you will want to do is get the driver’s insurance information. This is especially important if you are travelling when the accident occurs. Repeat the number to the driver to ensure it is correct, as you will need this information to file a claim for damages. Even if you and the other driver can leave the area, calling law enforcement to the scene will help ensure that you both have the correct information and everything has been documented.

Pictures can also help back up the strength of the claim that you file, especially if you are away from home. It is recommended that your pictures show all angles of the accident so that you have clear proof of what happened. These may include the location, roadway, the other vehicles, any skid marks, or other telling evidence.

Your insurance company should be informed. If you find out that your motorcycle received damage that was not immediately obvious, your insurance company can help you find a rental or a repair shop where you can get an assessment of the costs. You may also have a time limit for reporting the accident. In the event that the other driver decides to take legal action, it can help to have your insurance company aware of the crash.

The information presented is meant to inform and should not be considered legal advice.

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