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Dangerous parking lots: 3 potential premises liability situations

In Hartford, as well as communities across the country, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure the premises are safe and clean for those who are in the area. This responsibility extends to the exterior of a shopping center or grocery store, as well as the inside. At McCoy & McCoy, we have counseled numerous clients who have been injured through inaction or negligence on the part of a property owner or manager. The following situations illustrate a few of the ways you might be hurt in a parking lot.

Debris and garbage – According to CBS News, a woman was recently awarded over $4.6 million after she was stuck by a hypodermic needle that her daughter picked up in a South Carolina Target’s parking lot. You might similarly be injured if you stepped on broken glass from a discarded bottle, inhaled noxious fumes from a spill or otherwise came into contact with garbage in the parking lot that should have been out of the public reach.

Uneven surfaces – Pavement that is falling apart can present a serious trip-and-fall hazard. You might twist an ankle or hurt your back if the parking lot pavement or entryway sidewalk have cracks or potholes.

Wet or icy pavement – In the fall and winter, parking lots can be especially dangerous if ice or snow is not cleared away. You might also slip and fall if there are puddles in deep potholes or wet spots on slick entry floors.

You might be able to protect yourself by staying aware of your surroundings when walking through a parking lot. However, the responsibility may fall to the property owner or manager if an avoidable hazard was not promptly dealt with and you were injured as a result. You may learn more about premises liability issues by visiting our retail store negligence page.

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