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September 2016 Archives

Keep your children safe from pedestrian accidents this Halloween

It may seem a bit early to talk about Halloween safety, but you can never be too careful when it comes to keeping your children from harm. If you take time to learn about the most common dangers children face during Halloween and teach them how to be safe, you may avoid a tragedy during what should be a fun, spooky night. Our team at McCoy & McCoy is hopeful that your family will have a safe time trick-or-treating with your children in Hartford this year.

Autumn hazards that motorcyclists should be aware of

For many motorcyclists, it is almost time to put the bike away for the season. However, there are still a few weeks left to enjoy the crisp fall air during a ride through the country. If you are like other motorcycle enthusiasts in Hartford, you likely think that there is nothing better than the open road and a bit of speed under your wheels. At McCoy & McCoy, we understand how much bikers love to ride, as well as the potential dangers they face from traffic and other vehicles sharing the road. We want you to be safe as the weather begins to change.

Drivers should watch out for children riding bikes to school

The weather is still nice enough in most parts of Connecticut for children to walk or ride bikes to and from school. In fact, many children enjoy the independence of riding a bicycle to school for as long as they can. However, riding a bike near traffic can present many dangers to children.

Smaller commercial trucks also create a risk

A great deal of attention is often given to the dangers of semi-truck accidents across the country. Large truck accidents are often catastrophic, due to the size and speed of 18-wheelers in relation to smaller vehicle traffic. In contrast, people might not consider the potential dangers of smaller trucks. In 2015, reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were eight fatalities in Connecticut involving large trucks. That same year, 27 people in Connecticut lost their lives in accidents involving light utility trucks.

What dangers might you face from elevators?

If you work in a multi-story office complex or live in a high-rise apartment building, you probably use elevators every day. Hotels, malls and tourist attractions are additional places where elevators are a convenient way to get from floor to floor. You and other Hartford residents might take elevators for granted, but some may threaten your safety or life.