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How can you be safe while using an interactive smartphone app?

If you are like countless people in Hartford and elsewhere, you might have heard of the new smartphone game app “Pokemon Go.” You might even be one of the many who have fallen in love with the game. Hunting for virtual monsters can be fun, as well as good exercise. As with any activity that entails walking near traffic, there is an element of risk, especially when it is easy to become distracted.

According to People, accidents that have caused injuries related to Pokemon Go have already been reported. Some pedestrians have tripped over obstacles or fallen into ditches. Another person admitted to falling off his skateboard because he was not paying attention to his surroundings. So far, the reported injuries have been minor, but you can imagine how dangerous being distracted by the app might be if you are crossing a street or walking beside a steep incline.

The next time you are out catching monsters, you might remember the following safety tips:

  • Take a hunting buddy with you or go with a group, rather than alone.
  • Avoid going to places where you would be trespassing or disregarding safety barriers.
  • Don’t look down at your phone while you are walking, and be aware of obstacles and hazards around you.
  • Be wise when deciding to share your location, and never share it if you are alone.
  • Never play the app while you are driving a car or riding a bicycle.

While you are playing Pokemon Go or using any kind of app that gets you outside and moving, you can have a great deal of fun while getting your exercise. The key to using mobile device apps wisely and safely is not to allow them to distract you from what is going on in the real world.

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