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Two-vehicle accident injures three, kills one

For most people in Connecticut, the recent Memorial Day weekend provided a long-awaited break from work or school and a segue into the early weeks of summer. Get-togethers with family and friends are some of the hallmarks of a holiday like this. Sadly, another reality on holiday weekends is more tragic in nature. As more people take to the roads, the risk of serious motor vehicle accidents is ever present. Instead of celebrating, victims and their loved ones are left mourning the outcomes of these incidents.

A deadly accident in North Canaan happened early Sunday evening over Memorial Day weekend. In addition to claiming the life of one person, three others required treatment at local hospitals. The cause of the accident is still unknown according to reports. A full investigation will be conducted to learn more.

What is known is that a minivan and an SUV came into contact with each other along a stretch of Trescott Hill Road. The SUV was driven by a teenage male and carried a second teenage passenger. Both sustained injuries that were treated but no details about the injuries were given. The minivan contained an elderly couple. The husband, who was the driver, was killed in the crash while his wife was injured, potentially seriously.

When an accident happens, those involved have many issues to face. Among those issues are how to seek appropriate compensation. Talking with an attorney at these times may be a good way to understand the options for this.

Source: Daily Freeman, “Shokan man, 74, dies in Connecticut accident,” May 31, 2016

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