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June 2016 Archives

Is a change to Connecticut’s helmet law on the horizon?

Motorcyclists have a wide range of safety apparel they may wear to help protect them in the event of a crash. Leather jackets, gloves and boots may keep them safe from abrasions and lacerations. Elbow and knee pads may protect these joints during impact. However, no piece of safety equipment is as vital to biker safety as a U.S. DOT-approved motorcycle helmet. Helmets have been shown to dramatically reduce the risk of death or serious head injury in a crash. Even so, the current helmet law in Connecticut only applies to riders 17 and younger.

Is your pool an unsafe property condition?

With summer here, you are probably planning a number of pool parties and barbecues. As you make preparations, choosing the menu and activities, one of the things that you may want to pay attention to is the condition of your pool and make sure that it is safe. At McCoy & McCoy, we are only too aware of what can happen when pool owners fail to take their responsibilities seriously. However, there are things that you can do to prevent tragedy from happening.

Drivers need to be aware of bicycles during the summer months

The pleasant summer weather in Hartford means that more people are likely to choose alternative forms of transportation or outdoor exercise. For some, this means pulling the bicycle out of the garage and getting it ready for a few months of biking around town. Bicycling is an environmentally clean way of transportation, as well as great exercise. However, cyclists face numerous dangers while sharing the road with motor vehicle traffic.

Two-vehicle accident injures three, kills one

For most people in Connecticut, the recent Memorial Day weekend provided a long-awaited break from work or school and a segue into the early weeks of summer. Get-togethers with family and friends are some of the hallmarks of a holiday like this. Sadly, another reality on holiday weekends is more tragic in nature. As more people take to the roads, the risk of serious motor vehicle accidents is ever present. Instead of celebrating, victims and their loved ones are left mourning the outcomes of these incidents.