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Want to stop distracted driving? There's an app for that.

Distracted driving remains a problem throughout the country. It seems counterintuitive that yet more technology may be the answer, but that's exactly the crux of a recent piece by National Public Radio (NPR). The piece discusses a new feature that was recently proposed by Apple, a leading innovator in all things technology. The proposal involves a function on its iphones that would block specific phone capabilities when the phone is in a vehicle. The function works in three ways:

  • Motion sensor. A sensor is included in the phone that is able to analyze how fast the phone itself is traveling. If the program determines that the phone is traveling at driving speeds, certain functions will be shut down.
  • Scenery analyzer. This technology is used to determine if the phone is in a safe place in the car. This could potentially be used to determine if the user is in the passenger seat, a safe place to operate the phone, versus the driver's seat. Based on its findings, the phone will operate or shut down accordingly.
  • Lock-out. This mechanism is used to limit access to certain functionalities, like texting, for a set period of time.

Although this proposal offers some novel advances, there are similar products currently available. Some examples include the Drive Assist and TEXTL8R programs, which can be used to block calls and texts while driving. These products are especially beneficial to parents of teenage drivers who may need a bit more assistance in establishing proper driving practices.

Injured in a distracted driving accident? Remedies may be available.

Unfortunately, even when steps are taken to reduce the risk that those we love will be involved in a distracted driving accident, accidents still happen. It is important for those who are involved in these accidents to know that remedies are available. Victims of these accidents can hold those who choose to put others in danger accountable for their actions through a civil suit.

A civil suit can result in monetary awards that can help cover the costs associated with the accident. The suit also serves two additional purposes: publicly holding the responsible party accountable for his or her actions and deterring others from making the same mistake. Those who are victims are wise to contact an experienced distracted driving attorney to discuss their options and help better ensure their legal rights and remedies are protected.

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