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Car Accident Victims: Why You Have to be 110% Accurate!

"Anything you say can and will be used against you!"  Sound familiar?  Time and again we remind car accident victims "Don't give a statement without consulting your car accident attorney!" We say this for the same reason you would tell someone not to put their hand on a hot stove - you know the outcome will hurt them.   

The hours and days following a car accident are like being on an emotional roller coaster! One minute you find yourself angry because someone was careless and caused you pain, and then next minute you feel relieved that your children were not in the car!  The point is, this is not the time to put your accident case in jeopardy by speaking to an insurance adjuster! Emotions are high and perceptions can be distorted.  The insurance adjuster purposely swoops in at this time to tell you how sorry he is to hear about your accident, and wants to know how you are feeling.  The more you talk, the more you hurt your case! 


We had a client come to us after speaking to the insurance adjuster about his car accident.  He told the adjuster he was traveling the posted speed limit of 45 mph.  His accident occurred on a winding one lane road on a snowy night.  The other driver lost control of her vehicle and crashed in to him.  When our client revisited the accident scene he realized that he was going much slower than the posted speed limit that night due to the slippery conditions and the curves in the road.  However, it was too late to change his statement to the adjuster. 

His statement was clearly used against him by the lawyer for the insurance company who tried to portray our client as a liar and someone who was fudging the facts of his entire case, just because of this small mistake. Fortunately for our client, Attorney McCoy is well versed in this situation and knows exactly what to do to protect his client! The lawyer for the insurance company ended up offering the full dollar amount of the insurance policy to settle the case!  Even though this case had the very best outcome, it is another reminder of why it is so important to speak with your injury lawyer before speaking to the insurance company!

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