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April 2016 Archives

What is the federal drug and alcohol clearinghouse?

While driving alongside tractor trailers, you may feel confident that the truck driver operating the big rig next to you is licensed and is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, there are a significant number of truckers in Hartford and across Connecticut who drive after drinking or taking drugs, and as a result, places the lives of innocent motorists in danger. In order to reduce the threat of drunk and drugged truck drivers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposed the creation of a federal drug and alcohol clearinghouse and a rule mandating that trucking companies utilize the program when hiring truck drivers.

What you can do to stay safe while riding your motorcycle

Whether you ride a motorcycle for entertainment or simply as a form of transportation, navigating through traffic on Connecticut roadways can be dangerous. In 2013 alone, 54 people were killed in motorcycle accidents in Connecticut, which represents 14.4 percent of all motor vehicle accidents in the state, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A number of these fatal accidents were caused by distracted, drunk, drowsy and reckless motorists. Although you may not be able to control the actions of negligent motorists on the road, practicing safe riding habits can minimize your risk of becoming involved in a serious motorcycle accident.

Car Accident Victims: Why You Have to be 110% Accurate!

"Anything you say can and will be used against you!"  Sound familiar?  Time and again we remind car accident victims "Don't give a statement without consulting your car accident attorney!" We say this for the same reason you would tell someone not to put their hand on a hot stove - you know the outcome will hurt them.   

Flaws in voice-activated devices distracting for drivers

Voice activated devices enable drivers to create emails, text, dial phone numbers and perform a host of other tasks without having to remove their hands from the steering wheel and eyes from the road. Many new vehicles are equipped with voice-activated technology, which was designed to specifically remove these visual and manual distractions. A follow-up cognitive distraction published by AAA, however, shows that flaws in these systems can cause drivers to experience greater levels of distraction.

Study: Are hands free cellphones safe to use while driving?

Not only is talking and texting on your hand held mobile device a dangerous activity to engage in while driving, it is illegal in the state of Connecticut. As a result, you may have turned to using hands free cellphones in an attempt to comply with the state’s law and remain safe while behind the wheel. A study released by AAA, however, shows that hands free cellphones may not be a safe alternative, as they are a form of cognitive distraction and may put Hartford motorists’ lives in danger.

How can you avoid a big rig accident?

As a motorist in Hartford, you may be used to driving alongside tractor trailers. You may not give much thought to sharing the road with these massive vehicles. Big rigs, however, can be extremely dangerous, especially when they are operated by negligent drivers or have not been inspected properly for equipment malfunctions. In fact, there are a number of issues surrounding tractor trailers that have led to a significant increase in large truck accident fatalities across the U.S. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of people killed in large truck accidents has risen substantially, from 3,211 deaths in 2009 to 3,906 deaths in 2013. The large truck death rate in Connecticut has also increased since 2011.