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Motorcycle accident -- why the higher risk?

Many Connecticut bikers will tell you that when they planned to buy their first motorcycle, they were inundated by people telling them about the dangers of biking. What creates this idea of increased risk of a motorcycle accident? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety notes it is much more difficult to keep control of a vehicle with two wheels than one with four wheels.

At the same time, a motorcycle provides no protection, whereas a car's body and the built-in safety features protect the occupants of a car in case of an accident. Fortunately, motorcyclists also have ways of protecting themselves. Protective gear such as helmets and special safety features built into the motorcycle can protect against serious injury, at least to some extent.

Helmets form part of the safety equipment of a biker. Using one is probably the most important safety equipment a biker can wear.  It is estimated that riding without a helmet increases the risk of serious brain injury by 30 percent. Furthermore, not wearing a helmet makes it 37 percent more likely that the rider will be killed in an accident.

If a bike has an antilock braking system, chances of a serious accident decrease dramatically. The chances of skidding and being seriously injured in a fall decrease. The system prevents the wheels from locking and lowers the likelihood of a fatal accident by 31 percent.  

A biker may have done everything possible to protect him or herself against serious injury, but it is much more difficult to protect against the negligence and recklessness of other road users, especially those traveling in bigger vehicles. A victim of a motorcycle accident may choose to file a personal injury claim, while the surviving Connecticut families of a deceased victim may be entitled to file a wrongful death claim.  Should negligence be proved to have been the root cause of an accident, a court may award financial damages to the aggrieved party.  

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