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Advocates formally request advanced safety mandates - Part II

In a recent post, we began a discussion about the NHTSA. We noted that this federal agency has significant power in regards to the nation’s roads, drivers and vehicles. This power is so significant in regards to vehicle production, sales and recalls that consumer advocates often approach the NHTSA with an eye towards influencing policy generally and regulations specifically.

Most recently, several high-profile advocates have submitted a formal petition to the agency, asking that it mandate three specific technologies aimed at reducing the deaths of travelers and significant property damage resulting from rear-end collisions.

The three innovations that the petition explores are dynamic brake support, forward collision warning and crash imminent braking technologies. Although some automakers have already embraced these technologies, others remain resistant to installing these features in less expensive vehicle models. If the NHTSA mandated the installation of these innovations, every domestic and foreign automaker would have to include them before they could sell any given model in the U.S.

Rear-end collisions are among those that are the most dangerous and the most damaging in terms of property. Each of the technologies included in the petition aim to reduce the negative impacts of rear-end collisions in order to spare lives and minimize property damage. Studies have proven that these innovations do significantly help to achieve these important goals.

Although the road to mandating certain vehicle technologies is not always a smooth one, this petition could help to expedite this particular measure by inspiring the NHTSA to take action as swiftly as is possible under the circumstances.

Source: Auto Connected Car News, “Safety advocates ask NHTSA to mandate advanced safety,” Gilbert Shar, Jan. 13, 2016

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