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January 2016 Archives

Motorcycle accident -- why the higher risk?

Many Connecticut bikers will tell you that when they planned to buy their first motorcycle, they were inundated by people telling them about the dangers of biking. What creates this idea of increased risk of a motorcycle accident? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety notes it is much more difficult to keep control of a vehicle with two wheels than one with four wheels.

Advocates formally request advanced safety mandates - Part II

In a recent post, we began a discussion about the NHTSA. We noted that this federal agency has significant power in regards to the nation’s roads, drivers and vehicles. This power is so significant in regards to vehicle production, sales and recalls that consumer advocates often approach the NHTSA with an eye towards influencing policy generally and regulations specifically.

Car accident leaves 9-year-old critically injured

While Connecticut authorities are trying to figure out exactly what happened, the family of a 9-year-old boy is praying that he will survive the injuries he suffered in a pedestrian accident. Sadly, his mother was killed in the car accident, which happened shortly after 4 p.m. on a recent Monday in January. While the family waits to see if the boy will survive, people are wondering precisely why the accident happened.

Advocates formally request advanced safety mandates - Part I

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration is the federal agency most directly tasked with ensuring that the nation’s motorists remain safe while traveling America’s highways and surface streets. Certainly, this task is not always straightforward. The NHTSA cannot insist that motorists avoid driving while drunk, distracted, drowsy or emotionally spent. Nor can the NHTSA require that pedestrians take their headphones off while crossing busy streets or prohibit cyclists from wearing black while riding at night. However, the NHTSA does have significant power and this power does impact American travelers on a daily basis.

Study provides more proof of why you shouldn't drive when you're tired

Along with water, clean air and food; sleep is something we all need to function properly and survive. The damaging effects of not getting sufficient amounts of sleep has been studied extensively and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine notes that sleep deprivation can negatively affect our mood, physical health and cognitive and physical functioning.