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Determining Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Car Crash

Car accidents involving four, five, or more vehicles can be deadly. In these types of car accidents it can be a challenge to determine fault.  This is something the insurance companies will use to their advantage.  Pointing the finger at the other vehicles involved and not their insured, is a common insurance tactic we see time and time again.  We never fall for it!



So how does McCoy & McCoy determine who is responsible in a multi car crash?  



We conduct a thorough investigation!  Our team of investigators look at all factors!  Who was speeding? Who was driving while on a cell phone? Who was following too closely? We look at police reports and make surety are correct.  We find and question witnesses who saw the accident and compare their version of the accident to the other parties involved.  Attorney McCoy has his investigators find and measure skid marks.  Our accident investigators take numerous pictures of the car accident scene and the damage each vehicle incurred.  We contact the towing companies to find out what they saw when they arrived.  Essentially, we don't leave a stone unturned when it comes to helping our clients!

If you have been in a multi vehicle crash and the insurance company is not accepting full responsibility it is time to contact McCoy & McCoy at our Hartford car accident and injury law firm.  

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