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November 2015 Archives

Connecticut drunk driving accident statistics an eye-opener

Statistics regarding drunk driving made public recently indicates a very disturbing picture regarding drunk driving accidents in Connecticut. The 2013 statistics documented that Connecticut is among the states with the highest rate of fatal drunk driving accidents. The state is also among the states with the lowest response rate when it comes to reporting DUI data. A drunk driving accident can have devastating consequences, and reporting data about such an accident can only be beneficial to road users.

What are the leading causes of traffic deaths in Connecticut?

With a population of nearly 3.6 million, Connecticut's roads and highways are heavily traveled and often congested. These types of challenging traffic conditions increase the likelihood of motor vehicle accidents occurring and, during 2013, thousands of accidents were reported, 255 of which were fatal and resulted in the deaths of 276 people.

Determining Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Car Crash

Car accidents involving four, five, or more vehicles can be deadly. In these types of car accidents it can be a challenge to determine fault.  This is something the insurance companies will use to their advantage.  Pointing the finger at the other vehicles involved and not their insured, is a common insurance tactic we see time and time again.  We never fall for it!

How does Connecticut handle dog bite cases?

Among all types of pets, dogs are one of the most popular and beloved. While dogs are known for being loyal companions, they can also be fierce protectors and, at times, unpredictable. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, annually, an estimated 4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs. Of these dog bite victims, approximately one in five requires medical care for his or her injuries.