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My insurance company is offering me a settlement. Do I need a lawyer?

Following a serious car accident, your insurance company may offer you a settlement to compensate you for any damages or injuries you may have sustained in the crash. However, while you may be tempted to accept this money, particularly if you have mounting medical debt, it is often a good idea to take a step back and evaluate whether the settlement offer is fair, or if you are entitled to more under your policy.

In fact, just because your insurance company offers you money doesn't necessarily mean the offer will cover all of your damages, both now and in the future. The truth of the matter is that your insurance company is a business, and as a business, it makes money by paying out less than it collects in premiums - meaning its bottom line often comes before your best interests.

One way to make sure your rights are protected when dealing with insurance claims is to hire an attorney. A skilled lawyer can help with every aspect of your insurance claim, including:

  • Negotiations: There are many benefits to having an experienced negotiator on your side. For instance, a lawyer will put pressure on your insurance company and make them justify lower offers. In many cases, an attorney can help get you a larger settlement than you would otherwise be able to obtain on your own.
  • Measuring Damages: While certain damages are common, including medical bills and vehicle repair, there may be other damages that you are entitled to that you are not aware of or haven't even considered. For example, does the settlement offer cover future medical expenses for your injury? Does it cover lost wages? Have you been examined for unknown injuries? An attorney can help address these and many more damage-related issues.
  • Establishing Fault: In some cases, you may need help proving fault, especially if an insurance company is denying a claim by stating you were that at-fault driver.
  • Protecting Your Rights: Unfortunately, insurance policies can be quite complex and difficult to understand, meaning many people do not fully understand their rights under the law - let alone how to protect them. A knowledgeable and dedicated attorney can explain these rights in easy-to-understand terms and help ensure your interests are protected, even if that means going to court.

While it is certainly normal to feel overwhelmed following an accident, it is important to not let these feeling control your decisions, particularly when your health and future are at stake. Do not let an insurance company take advantage of you when you are vulnerable. Show your insurance company you are serious and contact experienced legal guidance today.

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