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Connecticut School Bus Accidents

Every year Connecticut parents wait with excitement for the school bus to arrive! Proudly our children board the bus, find a seat, and wave goodbye. At this point we trust that our children will be delivered to school safe and sound. Unfortunately, and for many reasons, this does not always happen. Approximately 17,000 children are injured each year in school bus accidents. As we continue to hear more cases involving accidents due to distracted driving, we find school bus drivers to be at risk for this.

One reason for this, is that in Connecticut there is no absolute number as to how many children can ride a school bus at any given time. If a school bus has a 72 person capacity, then the bus company is permitted to transport 72 students regardless of the height or weight of the children. Federal regulations allow 3 students per seat, again regardless of size. Transporting this many children at once is bound to be distracting.

The tragedy occurs when the school bus gets in to an accident. Most school busses are not equipped with seat belts. Consequently, children are especially vulnerable to injury when they fall out of their seats during crashes or when bus drivers brake suddenly or make sharp turns.

At this point not just one or two passengers, but numerous children are at risk for serious injuries. Some injuries will not be apparent immediately following a school bus accident, however, when the shock wears off pain may set in. It is important to get your child evaluated by a medical doctor after a bus accident. Symptoms such as headaches, must be taken serious as they can be due to a concussion or whiplash.

Insurance coverage issues in a Connecticut school bus accident case are complex and confusing. The personal injury attorneys at McCoy & McCoy can help you sort through the statutes and case law applicable to your specific case. Frank McCoy is a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer and has extensive experience with all types of motor vehicle accidents including those involving injuries to children as a result of school bus accidents.

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