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Connecticut School Bus Accident Lawyer

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Frank McCoy is a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney who represents seriously injured accident victims throughout the state of Connecticut.  In a recent speaking engagement, attorney Mccoy reminded parents what they need to do if their child is injured in a school bus accident.

Connecticut school bus accident cases are complicated due to laws governing the bus company, the school district, and the drivers involved. As parents or guardians there are a few steps you can take to see that your child gets the help he or she may need.

1. Medical evaluation. Immediately following a school bus accident, have your child evaluated by their doctor, emergency room, or walk in medical center for injuries. As with car accident injuries, bus accident injuries may not be immediately apparent and can often get over looked. Be sure to keep a close eye on your child for bruises, muscle soreness, headaches, and mood changes. If these signs do occur report them to the treating physician immediately.

2. Documentation. Insurance companies need proof of injury in order to compensate someone for their pain and suffering. Each and every visit to a doctor for injuries resulting from a school bus accident must be documented by the physician. Parents and guardians can also contribute to this proof by taking pictures of the injuries, bruises, scrapes and scars.

3. Information gathering. Ask your child to provide you with as many facts about the school bus accident as possible. Find out the name of the bus driver and the owner of the school bus. Is the owner the school district or a hired company? Go to the accident scene and take pictures of any debris from the crash or skid marks. Gather as much information about the school bus accident as you can and share this with your injury attorney.

Frank McCoy is a Nationally Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney who represents Connecticut victims of school bus accidents. If you or your child has suffered serious injuries from a Connecticut school bus accident contact our office here, or call us at 844-44-MCCOY for a free consultation.

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