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August 2015 Archives

Back-to-school safety tips for motorists

As the shadows of the long summer days begin to shorten, school-age children across Connecticut will soon head back to school. As harried parents and anxious children attempt to get back into school mode, it's important that drivers to be extra cautious during this time of year. This is especially important for drivers who routinely navigate neighborhood streets, drive near or past schools and encounter school buses.

Who is responsible if I slip and fall in a Connecticut store?

When you go shopping, one of the last things you ever expect is to end up needing medical attention. Sadly, however, numerous shoppers find themselves in this exact position every year after suffering slip-and-fall injuries in Connecticut stores - accidents caused by negligent storeowners and/or employees.

After a car accident, an insurer does not have your best interests in mind

While today's motor vehicles are equipped with more safety features than ever, today's drivers are also more distracted and speed limits are higher than ever. Additionally, drunk driving continues to be a public safety epidemic with hundreds of thousands of people being injured and killed in accidents caused by impaired drivers each year.