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What Insurance Companies Don't Want You To Know

Have you been injured in a serious car accident that was caused by the careless actions of another driver? If so, it is important that you understand what steps to take immediately after a collision and in the days following if you hope to recover the maximum amount of compensation from the responsible party's insurance company.

Unfortunately, the other driver and their insurance representative will do everything that they can to diminish your claim by either trying to show that you were partially at fault for the accident, or by trying to prove that you are not, in fact, as injured as you are claiming to be. In order to successfully combat these allegations and make sure that you are protected throughout the subsequent legal process, there are a few things that you must remember-the first being to take action in the interest of preserving your rights.

Immediately After the Accident

The immediate aftermath of an auto collision is the most important time to take action. Although being involved in a serious accident can be a devastating and traumatic experience, by taking the right steps, you can make sure that you are not forced to settle for an unfair offer from the other driver's insurance company. To do this, you need to make sure that the evidence involved in your case is preserved.

Start by taking pictures of the physical damage that was done and then gather the contact information of any witnesses around. Doing so could mean the difference between recovering the compensation that you deserve and being defenseless to the other party's allegations. Secondly, seek medical treatment as soon as possible for any injuries that you have suffered in the accident, regardless of how minor they may seem.

Your Injuries May Be Worse than You Initially Realize

Many times, an accident victim will later discover that their injuries are more severe than they initially thought. If they happened to make a statement to the insurance company in that time, however, the victim will likely have little chance to prove that they are, in fact, more injured than they had appeared after the collision. In order to avoid this from happening, it is vital that you do not say a word to an insurance representative without first consulting an attorney and seeking medical treatment.

Despite the fact that an insurance adjuster will begin calling after an accident and asking for a statement, often in the nicest way possible, you can choose not to talk. Their goal is to make it seem like they care about your well-being, manipulate the information that they need out of you, and then figure out a way to pay you as little money as possible when all is said and done.

Get the Legal Help You Need from McCoy & McCoy

For this reason, in the aftermath of a collision, you should not hesitate to enlist the help of a legal professional as early on as possible. In doing so, you can rest easier knowing that you have someone on your side that is looking out for your best interests-which is invaluable after suffering a serious injury.

In the meantime, however, just remember to a) preserve the evidence involved in your accident b) seek medical attention immediately and c) avoid speaking to an insurance representative without first consulting an attorney. From there, you can get started on recovering the monetary settlement that you are owed with the help of a Connecticut personal injury lawyer from McCoy & McCoy. By filling out a free case evaluation today or by calling our firm directly, we can provide you with the qualified assistance that you will need.

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