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Pursing Compensation After Being Injured by a Drunk Driver

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than a quarter of all traffic-related deaths each year in the United States are caused by intoxicated drivers. The danger they introduce to the roadways is immense, and even the best defensive drivers out there can be struck or caught off-guard by their erratic behavior. If you were injured due to a drunk driver in Connecticut, you need to know how to successfully pursue compensation, or you could be paying for your recovery out of your own pocket.

Steps to Follow After Being in an Accident

If you treat your car accident with a drunk driver like you would any other collision, with a few special exceptions, you will be on the right track to finding restitution for your injuries. The steps you should always follow include:

  1. Call the police: Even if you were not seriously injured, if you suspect that the other driver is intoxicated, you need to call the police immediately. Not only will this remove the negligent driver from the streets, protecting others, but you can also ask the officer to provide you with a detailed report of the scene.
  2. Gather information: You are going to need to get the usual information from them - driver's license ID, insurance information, etc. - but, if they are drunk, it could be difficult to get a straight answer. If you have already called the police, ask them to help you obtain the proper info, as they might be able to search the car's glove compartment and provide you with what you need to know.
  3. Take pictures: Physical evidence is key in most car accident claims. Snap plenty of pictures, if possible. If not, the police or paramedics that might already be there should be taking account of the accident and you will be able to request copies of their photographs later.
  4. Get an attorney: Even if it seems obvious that the intoxicated driver caused your injuries, you might be in for an uphill battle. With a car accident lawyer at your side, you can enter the courtroom with confidence and a solid case. Better still, you can focus on recuperation while they handle the heavy lifting.

Pursue Maximum Compensation with Our Hartford Injury Lawyer

Insurance providers are going to offer you the bare minimum that they legally can. Of, if you are lucky, you could get an amount that covers something close to the full amount required for your repairs and recovery. What you will not be given, however, is monies for any pain and suffering the traumatic event has caused you.

If you work with a personal injury attorney, you may be able to fight for:

  • Punitive damages: Money rewarded to you to punish the drunk driver for their crime.
  • Nominal damages: Recoveries to compensate for any emotional impact the collision has had on you.

In order to pursue all that you deserve after being struck by a drunk driver, you will need a Hartford car accident attorney with considerable familiarity and remarkable knowledge of the law and litigation. At McCoy & McCoy, our team has more than 50 years of combined experience representing the wrongfully injured of Connecticut under their belts. In fact, we have intentionally dedicated the entirety of our practice to personal injury cases so that we are always at the top of our game. If you would like to be supported by a lawyer of such a respectable caliber, contact our firm today and we can help you decide what to do next.

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