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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Prevention of Child Heatstroke

As daytime temperatures rise during the summer, the serious danger of child heatstroke increases as well. As it only takes vehicles exposed to sunlight, whether direct or through the clouds, a few minutes to reach dangerously high temperatures, there is never a safe time leave your child alone. In 2014, 30 children lost their lives due to heatstroke after being left unattended in locked cars and many more were severely injured.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) takes it upon itself to bring awareness of this subtle yet catastrophic hazard to people nationwide each summer. This year, it is set to re-launch a few successful initiatives, including its "Where's Baby?" campaign that stresses the importance of always "looking before you lock" your vehicle. Even if it is a quick jaunt into the grocery store or gas station, bring your children inside with you and out of the sun.

Campaigns that had success in the past that will likely resurface this summer also include using the hashtags #checkforbaby and #heatstrokekills in all NHTSA social media posts. Members of the public are encouraged to support and use the hashtags in their own posts to spread the word.

Five Hints to Protect Your Child from Heatstroke

  1. Never leave your child unattended in a vehicle - never
  2. AC and rolled down windows are not enough to prevent heatstroke
  3. Place items you need - such as a wallet or purse - in the backseat with your child
  4. Get in the habit of looking through all windows of your car before walking away
  5. Educate your children that cars and keys are not for play

If you ever see a child alone in a vehicle on a hot day, call 911 immediately. The child's life may be in immediate danger.

If your child has suffered from heatstroke due to a caretaker's negligence, you can take legal recourse today with the help of a Hartford personal injury attorney from McCoy & McCoy. We understand that it is always important to keep your needs in focus, and we strive to handle your case with sensitivity and compassion. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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