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How Long Will I Have to Wait to Receive Compensation for My Injuries?

Devastating accidents and painful personal injuries can cause you to suffer for years to come - not only physically but emotionally and financially, too. Paying out of pocket for your medical bills and losing wages as you recover will surely hinder your finances and leave you in a less-than-comfortable state of affairs. If you have already spoken to a Hartford personal injury attorney from McCoy & McCoy to pursue financial compensation, you've started on the right path. But, like so many people who might rely on a fair settlement to pay off their bills, you are probably wondering how long it will take to receive restitution for your injury.

The long and short of it is that there is no set answer, as there are no definite time periods that must be followed during a personal injury case. While the statute of limitations only permits the filing of a lawsuit within a certain amount of time of your injury, the cases themselves can be as brief or as extensive as necessary. You might be looking at a few weeks if your matters are settled out of court or you could be faced with months and months of waiting in particular complex cases.

As a general rule of thumb, three factors might contribute to the delaying of your case:

  1. Investigations: When you strike up a lawsuit, both your side and the opposition are going to start looking into every nook and cranny for evidence that supports their claims. The more people involved or the more details surrounding your accident, the longer it is going to take to uncover everything. Skilled attorneys will usually need a bit more time than you might expect to allow them to give second and third looks at everything. In the end, thoroughness is definitely worth it.
  2. Big money: The more you are asking for as compensation for your personal injuries, the more likely your insurer is going to fight you on it. Beyond their own hesitation and resistance, larger damages simply take longer to process and determine due to bigger numbers involved. Without a supercomputer, delays in cases dealing with vast sums could be hard to avoid entirely.
  3. Recovery time: Lastly, if you are still recovering for your injuries, you should not expect your case to come to a quick conclusion, as no one knows for certain how much you need and deserve. Sometimes it is in your own best interest to delay a settlement if you are still recovering, as additional treatments may be required that you cannot foresee at this time.

Patience is a Virtue but so is Justice

While it is fair to say that you must be patient for your attorney to win your case, our team at McCoy & McCoy understand that you might be in desperate need of a winning settlement right away. We always strive to handle our personal injury cases as quickly as possible and with as few interruptions as we can manage. After all, you deserve justice and responsible parties must be held accountable

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