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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

he acceleration and maneuverability of a motorcycle are both very appealing to commuters for obvious reasons. You can get from here to there on barely any fuel and slip through tight traffic with the greatest of ease. But those advantages do not come free, as motorcycle accidents carry far more potential danger of catastrophic injury than comparable car collisions.

In order to avoid damaging and dangerous motorcycle accidents, you need to be aware of their most common causes:

  • Cars turning in front of you: When a driver checks their blind spots before turning, they are merely looking for another car, not necessarily another motorist. Even if they look right at you, they might not register your presence. Try to avoid being in a driver's blind spot for too long, especially when approaching an intersection.
  • Gravel slicks: Fine specks of dirt and debris can cause you to suffer a devastating spill. Hitting gravel at too high a speed or at the wrong angle severely hinders your traction and balance. Always be on the lookout for dirt on the road, especially near corners and outside city limits.
  • Loss of lane control: Many motorcyclists state that if they drift out of their lane, it occurs when they are rounding a corner. To prevent zipping into opposing traffic lanes, never break the speed limit and always reduce your speed to a safe level when taking a turn.
  • Lack of brake experience: Tossing head-over-heels off the front of your motorcycle after squeezing your front brake too hard can cause painful, lingering injuries. If you aren't comfortable with the handling of your brake system, set some time aside to learn them at low speeds in an open, empty parking lot.
  • Riding while intoxicated: It is estimated that half of all motorcycle accidents involve an intoxicated driver. Just as it is a terrible idea to drink and drive, it is so when it comes to drinking and riding. It simply isn't safe and you put yourself and others in immense danger.

Even if you are always careful and obey all traffic laws, you could still be in a traffic collision due to the negligence of other motorists. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident that you believe was not your fault, contact a professional Hartford personal injury attorney from McCoy & McCoy today. Our Board Certified trial lawyers have more than 50 years of experience under their belts that can be used to establish your case and win you a fair settlement.

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