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Vision Problems from Accidents Cases

One of the most common causes of visual impairment is damage sustained in a car accident. Specifically, whiplash injuries from auto collisions often have negative impacts on the victim's vision. Whiplash may cause more than muscular or spinal injury, as it can also result in brain and eye damage.

What visual problems can whiplash cause?

If you are suffering from any of the following vision problems, the damage of your accident could be worse than you first thought:

  • Blurriness: If your vision seems to blur when reading fine print or viewing objects, both near and far, you may have suffered severe whiplash.
  • Double vision: There may be damage to your optic nerve - due to the auto collision - if your vision appears to double occasionally. If your vision is constantly doubled, you should seek medical attention immediately as this may be a sign of serious brain damage.
  • Disorientation: In crowded areas or busy spaces, those who have suffered vision-related damage from whiplash often report feeling disorientation or dizziness. This is a result from your eye having trouble following and distinguishing multiple moving objects and may hint at more serious injuries.

I Am Having Vision Problems after an Accident and I Need Help

If you have been involved in a car accident and are now suffering from vision problems, get in touch with our firm. As Hartford lawyers with a dedicated focus solely on personal injury, our team at McCoy & McCoy can help you figure out how to get financial compensation for your pain and suffering. Whether you deserve punitive damages for your hindered vision or need the expenses of fulfilling a new, costly eyeglass prescription covered, we can help you pursue the reasonable settlement you want.

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