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Tips for Pedestrian Safety

Everyone on our roadways needs to act responsibly to minimize injury and accidents, for the sake of themselves and others. Yet it is not only drivers who hold that obligation as pedestrians must play their part, too. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), over 4700 pedestrians were killed and about 76,000 were injured in traffic collisions in 2012 alone, many of which could have been prevented if safety had always been the number one priority.

If you frequently walk along streets and highways, there are a few tips you should always keep in mind that can help you avoid unfortunate injuries:

  • Visibility is key: If the sun's down, wear bright colors that help drivers distinguish you from your surroundings and keep close to well-lit areas.
  • Make eye contact: Whenever you need to cross in front of a vehicle - whether you're crossing the street or just moving through a parking lot - ensure you've made eye contact with the driver. This is a universal acknowledgement of your presence and your intent to move in front of their car.
  • Look around you: Try not to get distracted by your smartphone or other electronic devices as you're walking alongside the street. This is especially true if you're nearing an intersection.
  • Listen up: Oftentimes, if a vehicle is losing control, you can hear it in the form of tires or brakes screeching. Keep your ears open for any noises that may indicate approaching danger.
  • Walk responsibly: Obeying traffic signals, waiting at crosswalks, and utilizing any supplied pedestrian-only pathways can help keep you and drivers safe.
  • Never jaywalk: Even responsible, alert drivers can be surprised and unready by a jaywalking pedestrian. Do not take that chance just to cross the street. Find the nearest crosswalk instead.

If you have been injured by a driver when you were walking down the street, you might be eligible for financial compensation. The knowledgeable Hartford personal injury attorneys at McCoy & McCoy have 50+ years of combined experience that can help you build a case and protect your rights as a pedestrian. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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