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Recovering Medical Treatment for Dog Bite Injuries

Man's best friend also has a particularly damaging set of chompers and most people in the United States will experience a dog bite at some point in their life. While these injuries seem fairly harmless, dog bites can create some serious consequences. The results are different for each victim, but many individuals require medical treatment to prevent more serious complications from developing.

Deep tissue wounds, scars, nerve damage, and dangerous infections are all common results of dog bite attacks. Victims may also suffer from psychological trauma that lasts for years after the incident occurs. Dog owners in Connecticut are held responsible for their pet's actions and when injuries occur, they are considered liable.

Only when the victim was trespassing or provoking the dog is the owner not considered liable. Liability means that the owner may be responsible for covering the cost of your medical care and compensating you for the emotional suffering you experienced.

How are dog bite injuries medically treated?

Especially when a child is the one who gets bit, parents often assume that they can take care of the injury themselves. Unfortunately, this can lead to more serious infections and complications down the line. In the most serious cases, victims can even develop rabies from their injuries.

When the dog bit initially occurs, it is important to stop the bleeding right away. Place a towel over the injury and apply a moderate amount of pressure to the wound. Keeping the injured area elevated can also prevent the bleeding from continuing.

Depending on the severity of the injury, it may be wise to wash the area before going in to see your doctor. Use warm, soapy water to disinfect the wound. Your doctor should assess the injury as soon as possible after it occurs in case antibiotic medication is needed.

Dog bite injuries are not only physically damaging, they can be emotionally damaging, as well. Our firm understands the pain you may be experiencing and we want to help. If you've been recently bit by a dog, consult with our Hartford personal injury attorneys right away. The sooner you do, the sooner you can determine if you are eligible for compensation.

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