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Connecticut Ice Storms Cause Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Across the Northeast, the recent ice storms have led to hundreds of vehicle accidents, many of which result in serious injuries. The storm has even been given its own hashtag, "#Icezilla." Residents of Connecticut and the surrounding states are encouraged not even to get in their vehicles and start the engine because of the risk of accident. The state of Connecticut suggests waiting until Sunday to travel any distance at all.

The Connecticut ice storm has resulted in numerous accidents, many serious injuries, and one death so far. One of these accidents involved the fatality of an 88 year-old woman, which is presumed to have been caused by the icy conditions. Investigators determined that the lady lost control of her vehicle and hit a utility pole.

Multi-vehicle accidents continuously occur as a result of the weather conditions in Connecticut. It is essential to drive as slowly and carefully as possible if you must drive.

If you must drive, we encourage you to follow the tips below to maximize safety:

  • Maximize visibility - Ensure that all ice is cleared from your windshield and move away from vehicles that have neglected to adjust to weather conditions.
  • Modify driving habits - Drive slower and more cautiously than you typically would in warm weather.
  • Keep safety supplies in your vehicle - In the case of an accident, you want to be as prepared as possible. Supplies include: ice scrapers, flares, a shovel, a flashlight, shovel, and a blanket.

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