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Connecticut's Early Snow Forecast

With weather reports predicting snow in Connecticut (and it's not even Christmas), holiday travelers may experience some harrowing road conditions. But it's not just those traveling who need to exercise caution - it's anyone with two legs or a working vehicle.

Ice and snow can turn an ordinary road or driveway into a deathtrap. Many unassuming individuals have taken a hard fall, simply because they aren't prepared to deal with the winter weather. Keep reading to learn how to keep yourself safe this season and what to do if you wind up a little bumped and bruised.

Staying Safe Amidst the Winter Weather

Winter is one of the most common times for both slip and fall accidents and car crashes to occur. Whether you're in a hurry to get somewhere, or you simply don't notice the dangerous area, it is easy for anyone to suffer injuries - not just the elderly.

Before the winter conditions become worse, learn how to take preventative action and avoid spending your holidays tied to the couch. Protect yourself from slip and falls by implementing the following tips:

  • Watch where you're going and look ahead to note any icy patches
  • Avoid slippery surfaces as much as possible, including wet leaves and icy puddles
  • Use handrails, even if you don't think you need them
  • Wear shoes that have a strong grip
  • Try to keep your hands out of your pockets to keep your balance if you slip

It's also important to do your part and shovel your driveway and walkways around your house. If you suspect ice, use salt to minimize the risk.

Injured? Call our firm!

We know that sometimes, injuries are unavoidable in the winter. Many businesses fail to keep their property up to safety standards and it can result in serious accidents. If you've been injured at the hands of someone else's negligence, McCoy & McCoy is here for you.

Our Hartford personal injury lawyers have more than 50 years of experience helping victims just like you. Regardless of the circumstances, we can review your case and pursue possible compensation. Keep your holidays merry - call our firm right away if you've been injured!

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