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Buckle Up For Safety

In the wake of another fatal car accident that has occurred on the roadways of Connecticut this week, the lawyers at McCoy & McCoy would like to remind all drivers to buckle up when behind the wheel. The tragic accident that happened on a state highway involved two male victims-neither of which were wearing their seatbelt at the time of the collision. Because of this, both men were thrown out of the van that they were riding in when the driver lost control and hit a guard rail. Both landed in the road, and unfortunately, one was struck by an oncoming car. Neither of the men survived the accident, as they were both pronounced dead at the scene when help eventually arrived. After hearing about yet another fatal accident that has plagued the Connecticut roadways, all motorists should see the importance in putting their safety first. This should always include buckling up for safety. 

Statistics show that nearly 35,000 people are killed in motor vehicle accidents each year in the United States and James Madison University reports that "about 50 percent (17,000) of these people could be saved if they wore their safety belts." The discovery of such evidence should be enough to prompt all drivers to engage in this precautionary measure, but shockingly, less than 14% of all motorists actually use their seat belts regularly. If you don't put on a seat belt every time you get behind the wheel, whether out of habit or because you think that it is uncomfortable, just remember that should you be involved in a collision, the chance that you will be severely injured or even killed is greatly increased. Additionally, if you are injured in a drunken driving accident or a distracted driving accident at the hands of an irresponsible driver, your ability to claim compensation may be diminished if you were not wearing your seat belt at the time of the collision.

Even if you were not at fault for the accident that you have suffering an injury from, the defendant may be able to combat your insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit if they can prove that your injuries can be attributed to your own actions-meaning your failure to wear a seat belt. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you are protected in more ways than one when you get behind the wheel. If, however, you have been involved in a negligently caused accident on our Connecticut roadways and you are looking to recover compensation for your injuries, do not hesitate to explore your legal options with an attorney immediately. Contact a legal professional from McCoy & McCoy today for more information.

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