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Tips for Keeping Roads Safe for Everyone

Motorcycles provide thousands of motorists with an enjoyable, cost-efficient and convenient means of transportation in Connecticut. However, between passenger vehicles, motorcycles and large trucks, the diversity of vehicles on the roads call for special attention to maintaining safety for everyone. Because motorcycles are much smaller and more exposed for the driver, passenger motorists and trucks are called to take special precautions to equally share the roads.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation reports that over half of all fatal motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle. While the motorcyclist is not always entirely faultless, many of these accidents occur because of negligence on the part of a truck or passenger motorist. Here are several points provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation that are intended to help motorists understand safety for motorcycle drivers:

  • Motorcycles have a narrow profile, by nature of their design. Therefore, the small frame is easier to lose sight of on a car's blindside. This only emphasizes the need to check one's blind spots more carefully.
  • Also due to its small size, a motorcycle may appear to be farther away in one's rearview mirror than is actually is. Paying special attention at intersections and blind turns is especially called for as it may mitigate the failure to notice an oncoming motorcycle.
  • When motorcycles downshift, it may cause them to stunt or slow down abruptly, a change in speed that may be as strong as braking but without the notification of a brake light. Therefore, other vehicles should take care to leave the appropriate distance between their vehicle and motorcycles in case this happens.
  • Motorcycles sometimes need to adjust their position in the lane to see clearer and to avoid bumps in the road. Driving to closely beside a motorcycle can put both them and yourself in danger.
  • While motorcycles are known for their agility and maneuverability, they can also be extremely unstable-especially at high speeds. Make sure your driving decisions are calculated and executed in a timely manner to give motorcyclist the chance to adjust their speed as well.
  • Turn signals on a motorcycle are not always self-cancelling in the same way as those in a vehicle. While the signal may be on to take a turn, take the time to make sure it is real before speeding back up.
  • Under normal driving conditions, necessary stopping time is about the same as a passenger vehicle. However, when the pavement is slippery, it may be more difficult for the motorcycle to come to a complete stop in a short amount of time in comparison to a passenger vehicle. If you notice a motorcycle coming to a stop, allow for more following distance to ensure they have enough time.

The most important thing to remember about motorcycles is that the passenger on it is a person, someone's relative, child, sibling, parent or spouse. If you ever begin to think that motorcycles are obnoxious, remember that the person on the bike is worth the patience you spend on sharing the road.

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