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What If the Insurance Company Denies My Car Accident Claim?

Did the insurance company deny your car accident claim? If so, you may be wondering how to find a car accident attorney in Hartford who can help you in your fight to recover the compensation that you are rightfully owed. The attorneys at McCoy & McCoy have helped protect the interests of countless individuals and families throughout every step of the claims process. We are Connecticut natives who have dedicated the entirety of our practice to advocating on behalf of accident victims in all types of personal injury cases. Each case we represent is given our personalized attention and full commitment. Nothing is more important to us than protecting the rights of our clients.

Being involved in a car accident is a painful experience that can negatively impact many aspects of an individual's life. One of the only things that gives a car accident victim hope is being able to file a claim and seek the compensation that will help him or her rebuild after such a traumatic event. Having your claim denied can not only impact your ability to recover from your injuries, but it can leave you in a financially and emotionally vulnerable position. Attempting to convince the insurance adjuster of the validity of your claim is pointless. An insurance adjuster will generally recommend a denial of coverage when he or she believes a claim has no merit.

In some instances, an insurance company will deny coverage in the hopes that the insured will give up and move on. Our firm does not back down in the face of insurance company intimidation. We are extremely thorough in our preparation of evidence in a claim and we will do everything possible to negotiate a fair settlement. Learning that you have an attorney representing your interests is sometimes all it takes for an insurance company to reconsider their position and offer a settlement commensurate to your injuries. To get help after your insurance company has denied your car accident claim, contact our law firm.

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