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Do I Have to Give a Statement to the Insurance Company?

If you have been involved in a car accident or other personal injury accident covered by insurance, any delay or failure in providing your insurance company with a statement about your accident could result in you being denied coverage on a valid claim. We do not advise you speak with an insurance agent prior to speaking with legal counsel though, as you could inadvertently put your claim at risk. In an accident where another person is at fault for your injuries, it is important to keep in mind that the other person's insurance company will not have your best interests in mind and you are under no legal obligation to cooperate with the insurance company's representative.

As our state is an at-fault state, the negligent or reckless party in an accident is the one who can be held liable for any injuries or loss sustained as a result of his or her actions. Any statement you provide to the insurance provider may be used against you, particularly if it helps the other person's insurance company challenge your claim based on the accusation that you are in some way responsible for causing your own accident and injuries. To improve your chances of being able to recoup the maximum financial remuneration to which you may be entitled, we strongly advise you obtain legal counsel from a Connecticut car accident lawyer at once. Our firm will review the circumstances leading up to you accident, advise you as to the validity of your claim and assist you in providing the insurance company with an accurate statement.

We will then help you aggressively pursue compensation through negotiation or litigation, whether it be from your insurance company or another person's insurance company. Our lawyers have been helping represent the interests of accident victims for decades. We have recovered significant settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients, with more than 90 percent of our cases being settled before going to trial. We always work with our clients' best interests in mind and having a board certified personal injury specialist on our team allows us to provide a quality of service few law firms are able to provide. To get help providing a statement to the insurance company after an accident, call McCoy & McCoy to discuss your case with a knowledgeable Connecticut personal injury lawyer.

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