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March 2014 Archives

Do I Have to Give a Statement to the Insurance Company?

If you have been involved in a car accident or other personal injury accident covered by insurance, any delay or failure in providing your insurance company with a statement about your accident could result in you being denied coverage on a valid claim. We do not advise you speak with an insurance agent prior to speaking with legal counsel though, as you could inadvertently put your claim at risk. In an accident where another person is at fault for your injuries, it is important to keep in mind that the other person's insurance company will not have your best interests in mind and you are under no legal obligation to cooperate with the insurance company's representative.

The Adjuster Says My Totaled Car Isn't Worth Much. What Now?

If your car has been totaled in a car accident, you may be wondering what to do if the insurance adjuster says your vehicle isn't worth much. The first thing you need to know is that you cannot count on your insurance company, and definitely not the other driver's insurance company, to have your best interests in mind. It is an insurance adjuster's job to determine the value of your claim and offer the lowest settlement amount possible.

Frank McCoy Featured on Business Leader Spotlight Show

The legal team at McCoy & McCoy is proud to announce that Attorney Frank McCoy, Jr. was recently featured on a radio interview for the Business Leader Spotlight Show. Having received certification as a Board Certified Civil Trial Advocate from The National Board of Legal Specialty (NBLSC), Frank is considered to be an expert in the field of personal injury law. In fact, he has devoted his career to representing wrongfully injured victims throughout Connecticut and fighting for the level of compensation that they deserve. It is for this reason that he was asked to shed light on some very important legal topics on the Business Leader Spotlight Show, bringing attention to the pitfalls of mishandling a claim.