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How Prescription Medications Could Affect Your Driving

Did you know that eight out of every ten drivers who are over the age of 65 take medications on a regular basis? Despite the fact that most senior drivers take over-the-counter medications, only about half of them have actually talked to their doctor about how these drugs could affect their driving abilities. This means that a significant number of senior drivers could be putting themselves at risk every time they get behind the wheel-not to mention, everyone else on the road. This is why AAA has developed a resource called Roadwise Rx that adults can use to explore how certain medications could affect their safety.

This tool allows senior drivers to record all of their medications in one central location, while providing customized feedback on how their over-the-counter medications could impair their driving abilities. It also explains how these drugs interact with each other-as many people don't realize that two perfectly safe medications could have damaging effects when mixed. This is also why most states have also made it illegal to drive while under the influence of drugs, including certain prescription medications. Although some drivers may not realize that they are putting others at risk, it does not change the fact that this behavior is highly dangerous.

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