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Can I File a Lawsuit in Connecticut if I Was Misdiagnosed?

According to recent statistics, a significant number of medical malpractice lawsuits in the U.S. stem from misdiagnosis and/or delayed diagnosis. While not all ailments will worsen when a doctor misses the mark, countless other patients could be susceptible to deteriorating health if a physician fails to provide a timely and accurate diagnosis of their condition. For example, stage 1 cancer could quickly turn fatal if a careless doctor fails to recognize the symptoms until the disease has already progressed to the third or fourth stage. In its early stages, the condition may have been treatable or even completely curable. For this reason, the negligent physician would be financially liable for the unnecessary suffering that their patient has endured. Under different circumstances, however, the misdiagnosis itself would not provide the patient with sufficient grounds to pursue compensation.

All medical malpractice cases hinge upon three different factors; if even one of them was not present, the victim would not have reasonable grounds to file a lawsuit. First, they must be able to establish that a doctor-patient relationship existed-which means that the defendant was actually responsible for overseeing the plaintiff's medical care. Second, they must be able to prove that the doctor had acted negligently. Under these circumstances, this could include failing to recognize obvious indications of illness and/or conduct necessary diagnostic testing. Finally, and most importantly, the victim must be able to show that they have suffered some sort of injury or loss as a result of their doctor's negligence. If a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis did not have any measurable effect on the patient's well-being, they would likely have a difficult time fighting for damages.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you retain the help of a Hartford personal injury attorney from McCoy & McCoy if you or someone you love is interested in pursuing compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit. Cases of this nature are often complex, so our firm would like to ensure that you have the best possible chance of securing damages. Although you may not initially think that you have suffered injury as a result of your doctor's inadequate or delayed diagnosis, you cannot really be sure until you have had the opportunity to discuss your case with a legal professional. That being said, you should not hesitate to take advantage of a free case evaluation today. When you contact our office at (860) 856-9283 or submit a form online with some basic information about your case, our Connecticut personal injury lawyers' advice won't cost you a thing.

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