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August 2013 Archives

The Reality of Dangerous Nursing Home Conditions

Did you know that nearly 91% of nursing homes in the United States lack an adequate number of staff members to properly care for their patients? While most people assume that assisted living facilities are sufficiently equipped to provide their loved ones with the level of day-to-day care they need and deserve, the unfortunate reality is that a significant number of nursing homes throughout the country are severely understaffed. To make matters worse, a shocking portion of nursing home employees are simply unqualified to care for the elderly. In fact, recent statistics show that the average number of heath deficiencies per nursing home is 9.37, with the average nursing home experiencing 100 to 200 falls annually. So why are these facilities so dangerous? Some of the most common reasons include:

Can I File a Lawsuit in Connecticut if I Was Misdiagnosed?

According to recent statistics, a significant number of medical malpractice lawsuits in the U.S. stem from misdiagnosis and/or delayed diagnosis. While not all ailments will worsen when a doctor misses the mark, countless other patients could be susceptible to deteriorating health if a physician fails to provide a timely and accurate diagnosis of their condition. For example, stage 1 cancer could quickly turn fatal if a careless doctor fails to recognize the symptoms until the disease has already progressed to the third or fourth stage. In its early stages, the condition may have been treatable or even completely curable. For this reason, the negligent physician would be financially liable for the unnecessary suffering that their patient has endured. Under different circumstances, however, the misdiagnosis itself would not provide the patient with sufficient grounds to pursue compensation.