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How a Car Accident Can Affect the Victim's Quality of Life

In our line of work, we have seen the devastating effects of motor vehicle accidents first-hand. A previously healthy victim can be thrust in a permanently altered life within the blink of an eye, as it only takes a single mistake or error in judgment to cause irreparable damage. This, unfortunately, was the case for one of our firm's most recent clients. The woman was physically fit and regularly active, having worked at a local school as a coach for several athletic teams and a basketball official for the Amateur Athletic Union. While driving to work one day, however, a single moment changed everything.

She had been traveling down a one-lane road when another vehicle slowed to make a left hand turn in the opposite direction. As the car waited to turn onto a side street, a third driver violently struck the vehicle from behind. This caused both cars to enter into the opposite lane - which was the one that our client happened to be traveling down at the time - thus resulting in a three-car collision. The woman attempted to avoid the impact by veering away from the oncoming vehicles, so she eventually ended up on the muddy shoulder of the road. She left a path of skid marks on the street and tire prints in the mud.

This single event impacted the victim's life in innumerable ways. What was once an easy task, like tying a shoe or embarking on a morning run, had become a labored chore. Additionally, she was now faced with the responsibility of buying a new car - as hers was totaled in the collision. It was for this reason that she decided to enlist the help of a Connecticut personal injury lawyer at McCoy & McCoy. At this point, obtaining compensation had become a necessary step in her recovery. Fortunately, our firm was able to settle the case on her behalf - it will remain a constant reminder, however, of how quickly a single accident can change everything.

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