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Are you a victim of a personal injury Were you injured while on the job? Did you slip and fall while walking through a building? Did a big rig hit you on your way home from work, totaling your car, leaving you in the hospital for days? These are just a few of many possible outcomes when it comes to personal injury cases. When dealing with personal injury cases, there are many situations that often leave the victims in severe pain for years on end, or they are forced to come up with money they don't have to pay for the medical bills. While many people have insurance, it is not unheard of that it doesn't cover enough.

At McCoy & McCoy we are a skilled team of legal professionals who will do whatever it takes to fight for the compensation you deserve after an injury. With over 50 years of collective experience at our firm, we have had the privilege of helping many clients receive the compensation that they deserve in the event of an injury or accident. For informative updates on the happenings at our firm and in our area, consider following us on one of our social media pages. By following us on Facebook you will receive updates on newly written blogs on relevant topics in the personal injury world, and also find out how our firm can help in these similar situations. On Twitter we post similar news feeds, and also links that will update you on successes our firm has experienced and the like.

Our Google Plus page also has more information regarding personal injury cases and news that will inform you about laws and fighting for compensation. Here we also have a map that can give you directions to our office from wherever you may be. McCoy & McCoy is known for our complete dedication to helping those who are suffering with personal injuries. Whether you are a victim of a car accident or you were injured on the job and can no longer walk, our firm wants to fight for what you deserve. Medical bills are expensive, wages lost can add up quickly, and so can the bills for all of your usual payments as well. Our firm wants to help you receive compensation for your injury that will ease the pain a little bit form your experience.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of a similar incidence, don't wait another moment to take legal action. Contact McCoy& McCoy today for a trusted Connecticut personal injury attorney who will do whatever they can to help you. Call our office today for more information and a free case evaluation!

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