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November 2012 Archives

Getting in Touch With Your Personal Injury Lawyers

Are you a victim of a personal injury Were you injured while on the job? Did you slip and fall while walking through a building? Did a big rig hit you on your way home from work, totaling your car, leaving you in the hospital for days? These are just a few of many possible outcomes when it comes to personal injury cases. When dealing with personal injury cases, there are many situations that often leave the victims in severe pain for years on end, or they are forced to come up with money they don't have to pay for the medical bills. While many people have insurance, it is not unheard of that it doesn't cover enough.

United Continental Resolves Computer Glitch Scare

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, there have only been two significant airplane accidents in the United States this year. Last year, 10 planes malfunctioned while in the air and caused dangers or emergency landings. While airplane accidents are certainly rarer than car accidents, the fact is that they do happen. In the year 2009, the FAA reports that 21 planes were involved in accidents within the United States.

A Closer Look at McCoy & McCoy

The law firm of McCoy & McCoy was founded in 1960 by Frank McCoy who decided that he wanted to help the people of Connecticut who have been wrongfully injured. Today, the firm now has over 40 years of experience practicing law, and can offer a lot to nay client who has been injured. The firm was established to be uniquely focused only on personal injury cases, and because of that there time and practice has been completely devoted to this area of law, not distracted by other areas such as criminal or divorce, etc.

Don't Text and Drive, Especially in Connecticut

We all know that texting while driving is illegal. But....did you know that the Department of Transportation recently announced a pilot program to take place right here in Connecticut? The program will train Connecticut police officers on better methods for spotting drivers who are texting and driving. According to Ray LaHood, secretary of Transportation, "programs like this should give officers new tools to catch offenders."

Amusement Park Goer Sues After Being Injured on a Waterslide

Back in 2007, Anthony Mussara visited a popular amusement park in Fishkill, NY. Splashdown Park was a place for families to enjoy a day under the sun while partaking in the various water-based attractions that the park provided, but when Mussara decided to brave the Pirate's Plunge waterslide, the day took an unfortunate turn. The ride was designed with a 50-foot splash pool at the bottom so that riders would have a substantial amount of room to land when exiting the slide, but it was decided during testing hat no one over 200 pounds should partake in this attraction-as it was possible that they would reach the end of the splash pool. Mussara, who weighed in around 250 pounds, made sure that his son was tall enough to ride the waterslide before ascending the stairs, but missed the warning that his weight might pose a problem.