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October 2012 Archives

Premises Liability: Who's Responsible for My Injuries?

Have you been injured on someone else's inadequately maintained property? If so, you probably have questions about who is responsible for providing you with compensation. Well, in the state of Connecticut, it is the responsibility of all property owners to provide a safe environment for any visitors that will be entering the property-meaning that if they notice any potentially hazardous conditions on the premises, they are legally required to remedy the problem in a timely manner. This is true of residential property owners, commercial businesses and even government property.

Woman Killed by a Truck Fleeing the Police

This week, a tragic incident took the life of a woman who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. It all started when Louisville Metro Police arrived at 40th Street and Broadway to conduct a narcotics investigation, where they watched a white pickup truck quickly flee from the scene. Naturally they pursued the man-in what turned out to be a high-speed chase-to find out why he was attempting to avoid the law enforcement presence, but before they had the chance, a serious accident abruptly ended the pursuit. While fleeing eastbound on Kentucky Street, the driver ran a stop sign without hesitation. Another car happened to be traveling eastbound at the same time that he sped into the intersection, and the man crashed into the other vehicle so forcefully that it came to rest four houses away. The victim was immediately transported to University Hospital, but the injuries that she had suffered soon turned out to be fatal.

Popular Energy Drink Blamed for Teen's Death

Following the untimely death of a 14-year-old girl with a pre-existing heart condition, a controversial lawsuit has been filed against the makers of Monster Energy Drinks. The family of Anais Fournier, the victim that died of a cardiac arrhythmia in December of 2011, believes that the popular brand of energy drink was ultimately to blame. According to the wrongful death lawsuit that has since been filed, the young girl drank two 24-ounce Monster Energy Drinks before her heart stopped beating. Although Fournier was aware that she suffered from an underlying heart condition and that excessive amounts of caffeine could put her at risk of a complication, her parents are now arguing that the makers of the energy drink should have been required to notify consumers of the amount of caffeine that the beverage contained.

Patient Sustains Permanent Injury after Botched Surgery

On October 26, 2011, Carol Nettles underwent surgery for a carpal tunnel release and an open reduction internal fixation in the hope that it would relieve some of her persistent pain. Unfortunately, the outcome of the botched operation left her with even more severe pain than she had started with and a permanent deformity in her collarbone. She explains that Dr. Rutkowski, the orthopedic surgeon that had performed the surgery, knew that the procedure was doomed to fail, but continued on anyway, causing irreparable damage in his wake. For this reason, the patient has decided to pursue a $1 million medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor that she holds responsible. The claim explains that during the procedure, Dr. Rutkowski noticed that a distal clavicle was severely affected by osteoporosis-a disease "in which the bones become extremely porous, are subject to fracture, and heal slowly"-but continued to manipulate it in a risky manner, anyway.