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The Importance of Taking Pictures after an Accident

When it comes to gathering evidence in a car accident case, you can never have too much. Pictures are an excellent source of evidence and can help answer questions. Pictures can tell the story of the accident allowing a third party to visualize the events.

If you are in an accident, taking pictures at the scene is extremely helpful. You will want pictures of your car and the defendant's car identifying the damage done to both vehicles. Be sure to get the license plates in the pictures for proof. Pictures indicating how the accident occurred, and where the vehicles ended up after the crash are also key pieces of evidence to your case.

Photographing your injuries is also important evidence in your case. Doctor's notes may not indicate the severity of bruises or swelling in a medical report, but pictures will do the talking for you.

Once you have these pictures, turn them over to your accident attorney. He will use these pictures to build and strengthen your case. It is important that these pictures be kept confidential. Never allow anyone to publish these pictures or post them to a social networking site.

Recently Governor Chris Christie signed a bill prohibiting first responders from distributing photographs or recordings of an accident. The law states that first responders are prohibited from "photographing, filming, videotaping, recording, or otherwise reproducing in any manner, the image of a person being provided medical care or other assistance, except in accordance with applicable rules, regulations, or operating procedures of the agency employing the first responder."

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