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Car Accidents That Cause Severe Neck and Back Pain

On a daily bases clients tell us about the excruciating neck and/or back pain they feel days after their Connecticut car accident. Soft tissue injuries of the neck and back can be deceiving in their severity and duration. Car accident victims are often surprised at how neck or back pain interferes with job performance or prevents them from completing daily tasks they once took for granted. Once a normal routine of getting out of bed and brushing their teeth, becomes a painful chore. Driving to work, sitting behind a desk, all tasks once taken for granted, seem overwhelming due to the increase in back and neck pain.

These types of injuries also tend to be very sneaky. The pain and muscle spasms come and go. The victim will have periods where he/she can not engage in usual daily activities, and other periods where he or she feels great! It is these times when the victim must be cautious. The feeling of freedom that the body is finally out of pain is such a relief! However, when it comes to soft tissue injuries we have learned that they can heal incorrectly with scar tissue formation which can lead to chronic inflammation and pain.

It is important to remember, that just because we can not see an injury does not mean it is not there. Back muscle strains and sprains from a traumatic force such as a car accident can cause debilitating pain. It is difficult to imagine the pain someone is experiencing from these injuries, because we can not readily see the damage. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a car accident call the Connecticut car accident lawyers at 1-800-4-INJURY or click here for a free case evaluation.

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