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January 2012 Archives

The Reality of Distracted Driving

As new Connecticut laws are now beginning to reflect, distracted driving is dangerous not only to the negligent drivers themselves, but to anyone else out on the road. For this reason, hand-held cell phone use has now been banned across the state, as well as most of the country. Unfortunately, however, this has not stopped countless drivers from engaging in this illegal activity or from taking their attention away from the road in a variety of other ways. In today's technology-driven society, there are a multitude of ways in which a driver can distract themselves from their surroundings while behind the wheel-including texting, sending an email, using a navigation system, listening to loud music or even talking hands-free on their cell phone. Because of this, distracted driving accidents account for more than 448,000 injuries in the United States each and every year, as well as close to 5,500 fatalities.