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September 2011 Archives

The Safest Time to Drive Your Car

When the winter months strike Connecticut, long-time residents understand what is to come-as just last year, winter brought record-breaking amounts of snowfall. For this reason, countless people chose to work from home rather than brave the hazardous conditions of the roadways. If asked, many people would probably say that this time of the year proves to be the most dangerous for drivers, when thick sheets of ice and snow make the roads slick, but surprisingly, they would be wrong. Statistics tell a different story, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that the most dangerous time to get behind the wheel is in August on a Saturday-on the exact opposite side of the spectrum. Experts believe this to be true for a variety of different reasons, all of which we will explore further.

Connecticut Teenage Drivers: Safety First

If you are a parent of a Connecticut teenager, you may have noticed that the Connecticut teen driving laws have changed considerably since you were 16. No longer can a 16 year old show up at the DMV, take a written and driving test, and go home with a license. Over the past few years Connecticut has supplemented the drivers manual with new laws and requirements for 16 and 17 year old drivers. The state now requires classroom time, drug and alcohol education, and almost 50 hours of supervised driving time before a Connecticut teen can obtain a drivers license. In addition, there are restrictions as to the time of day a teen is permitted to drive, the number of passengers he or she may have in the car, and who he or she is allowed to have in the car. The penalties for violating these laws include fines and license suspension.