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Why Children are More Likely to be the Victim of a Dog Bite

While it may seem obvious, children are more often victims of a dog bite injury than adults. The surprising fact about it, however, is that the attacker is usually the family pet. According to a study conducted by the University of Colorado School of Medicine, unsupervised children are the most likely victims of dog bite injuries from their family pet. The study found that dogs target children's face and eyes, and are most often a breed that is "good with children." The study looked at 537 children treated for facial dog bites at the children's hospital on the university's campus between 2003 and 2008. In the majority of the cases the children knew the dog through a family, friend, or neighbor.

The study concluded that familiarity with a dog is not a safeguard against attack, and that if a dog bites once, it is likely to bite again. The stories from the doctor who conducted the study are gruesome. He described the injuries he has seen and the permanent damage they have caused. Some of the more serious injuries included torn eye lids, torn scalps, puncture wounds, and more. These come with a life time of emotional scars, as well. Pet owners are responsible for the damage caused by their animals. There is nothing as heartbreaking as seeing the innocence taken from a child and replaced with fear when it comes to man's best friend.

If you or your child has become the victim of a vicious dog attack, you may be entitled to compensation from the owner. State laws mandate that all pet owners are responsible for the actions of their pets if they have failed to adequately protect a victim from an attack. This could mean that they have carelessly let their dog run around without a leash, they have failed to warn visitors of their potentially dangerous dog, and/or any other instance in which they failed to uphold their explicit duty to keep others safe. In the event that you are looking to pursue damages for the pain and suffering that you or a loved one has sustained, do not hesitate to contact an attorney from our firm as soon as possible.

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