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The Reality of Slip & Fall Accidents

When an individual has sustained an injury from a slip and fall accident, the circumstances of the accident need to meet certain criteria in order to prove that negligent property care was the reason for the incident to have happened. Just because someone walking into Wal-Mart falls and breaks their arm does not mean that Wal-Mart is responsible for that person's suffering. In a premises liability case, the plaintiff has a duty to prove that the defendant was negligent in maintaining the required standard of care. For example, if you are in a department store or grocery store and you suddenly slip and fall and injure yourself, you need to assess the situation by following a few simple steps.

  1. Find out what caused you to fall. Did you slip on a liquid, food, or packaging? It is very important to your case to identify exactly what caused you to slip and fall. Could it be melted ice from a snow boot, a spilled bottle of dish detergent, egg whites, water from a leaking pipe? This is the information your attorney will require to be able to pursue a claim.
  2. You will be asked how long the substance was present before you arrived. In some cases you will be able to provide this answer, but other times you will have to ask the store for surveillance video.
  3. What are your injuries? Did you hurt your back or neck, or even break a bone? Did the slip and fall worsen a pre-existing injury?
  4. Were there witnesses? Did you get their names? Their statements will be important in your accident case.
  5. Did you report the incident to the store manager? The store may ask you to fill out an incident report. Before you put anything in writing you should speak with an attorney.

After thoroughly assessing the circumstances of the accident, it can be more accurately deduced whether or not a premises liability was the reason that you have suffered an injury. If possible, however, immediately after a slip and fall you should contact an experienced attorney. In doing so, you greatly increase your chances of being able to collect all possible evidence and the statements of any witnesses. By waiting too long, the evidence may have been removed or cleaned up, which severely diminishes the validity of a personal injury claim. For more information about your rights as an accident victim, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with our firm.

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