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Insurance Company Tricks

If you have recently been involved in a serious car collision, you may soon find that insurance adjusters will start calling. Their goal is to manipulate you into making a statement that can later be ... 

If you have recently been involved in a serious car collision, you may soon find that insurance adjusters will start calling. Their goal is to manipulate you into making a statement that can later be used against you and to offer you a monetary settlement for any injuries that you have sustained. In doing so, they are hoping to get information that can be used against you later and to pay you the minimum amount of compensation that they possibly can. Insurance companies use the same tactics over and over in order to deny your car accident claim or lower its value, so to avoid becoming another accident claim statistic of the friendly adjuster, be aware of the following:

Speaking to the adjuster before contacting legal representation is never a good idea. Although they may sound considerate and understanding of the harm that you have suffered, it is their primary goal to significantly diminish the amount of compensation that they must pay you. For this reason, they will probe you to explain the circumstances of the accident. In most cases, however, this information will be used against the victim later. They may also offer you a settlement right away and try to assure you that it is all of the money that is available, regardless of your choice to contact an attorney. This is often untrue, and it is always in your best interest to speak to someone who will be looking out for you.

Private investigators are often hired by insurance companies in order to "catch" you going about your daily activities after you have been involved in an accident. The insurance adjuster hopes that by having you on video pumping gas, taking in the trash cans, or doing other usual daily activities they can somehow use this against you during settlement negotiations to show that you have exaggerated the extent of your injuries. Unfortunately, evidence like this may be taken into account when deciding on an amount of compensation that is owed, so it is advisable to be wary of private investigators that may be following you.

Social networking sites are often utilized by insurance companies in order to "get the facts" about your car accident and the extent of your injuries. This means that they will be investigating any social media sites that you take part in, including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. In their investigation, they will be looking for any recent pictures or posts that they could use to show that your injuries are not as severe as you have claimed them to be. For example, if a car accident victim claims to have suffered a serious back injury and pictures of them skiing surface on the internet, the insurance company will quickly jump at the chance to disprove their claim.

Financial stability is often a cause for concern in the wake of expensive medical treatment and the inability to return to work. By failing to offer a fair settlement or delaying the processing of a victim's claim, the insurance adjuster can put them in financial disaster. Insurance companies are looking to hold on to more money, which is one reason why there has been such an increase in these low settlement offers. They hope that you accept their initial offer so that they can pay you as little as possible, knowing full well that you need the money. Because of this, it is important for any wrongfully injured individual to contact legal representation early on in the process.

"You can handle it on your own" is often the attitude that an insurance adjuster will have when offering you a settlement for your injuries. Although they cannot explicitly tell you that you should not retain the services of a lawyer, they will do everything that they can to imply it. The insurance company knows that you are likely to receive a higher settlement if you are represented by an experienced attorney, so they will push you hard to settle on the offer that they have provided you. If you believe that the offer is unfair, it is your right to obtain representation. Do not let an insurance adjuster manipulate into thinking that you cannot recover more money with an attorney on your side.

If you have been injured in a serious car accident, it is vitally important to speak to a legal professional right away. By contacting an experienced attorney from our firm, you can rest assured that an insurance company will not be able to manipulate you or bully you into settling on an unfair offer.

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