What Is My Claim Worth?

Examining a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury victims can benefit from the professional legal services offered by McCoy & McCoy. We are an established firm with the necessary experience and resources to represent clients with injuries suffered because of an accident. Common injuries that result from accidents are soft tissues damage, broken or crushed bones, dislocations, amputations, internal organ damage, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries paralysis, burns, coma or death. An individual injured in an accident may need hospital treatment and long-term rehabilitation before returning to work or a prior lifestyle. Other victims may be permanently disabled and unable to earn a living.

Each injury is unique and each accident has its own set of circumstances making it important to contact a Hartford personal injury attorney regarding questions about the worth of a claim. If a person has received injuries in an accident, he or she should contact an injury attorney with the proven ability to get results for their clients. We are skilled in all aspects of personal injury cases and committed to helping clients with their monetary compensation for the injuries and suffering they endured because of an accident.

How Insurance Companies Establish the Worth of a Claim

There are many types of injuries and some are more severe than other injuries, and the value affixed to each depends upon several factors. Insurance companies have formulas that they use to calculate the value of an injury claim and one of them is the degree of fault of the parties. Other factors can include:

  • Cost of property damage and medical treatment
  • Lost income and loss of future earning capacity
  • Lost employment and social opportunities, emotional damages
  • Temporary or permanent disability, physical disfigurement

There are additional issues that can affect the calculations for the worth of a claim. It is important when dealing with insurance companies to have competent and effective representation from a skilled personal injury lawyer. McCoy & McCoy is confident in their ability to represent the best interests of their clients and protect their right to full monetary compensation for accident injuries. We are ready to help clients with all of their personal injury legal support, and have extensive experience and a proven record in recovering compensation. Make an appointment today for a consultation with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer regarding an insurance claim. Contact a Hartford injury lawyer if you are hoping for a fair settlement in an injury case.